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Offering the best of Box-Ironbark birding and just 2 hours easy drive north of Melbourne on a 257 ha (635 acres) Trust For Nature covenanted property, we specialise in providing fully equipped guided bird and natural history tours.

The property is located  16km west of Nagambie and abuts the 12,800 ha Heathcote - Graytown National Park. It presents fantastic bird-watching opportunities through its accessibility and wide variety of habitats.


Accommodation is in a very comfortable off-grid rustic country-style stone house overlooking picturesque Mt. Black.  Built in 2000, it contains all modern conveniences, including internet.

The property features magnificent stands of old Grey Grass Trees and the winter flowering Red Ironbarks provide sustenance for many birds and animals, including Swift Parrots, Sugar Gliders and a multitude of Honeyeaters. Resident mammals and reptiles include Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Black Wallaby, Yellow-footed Antechinus, Sand  and Tree Goannas, Echidna and Brush-tailed Phascogales.

The property's variety of habitats allow for thriving populations of many of the signature Box-Ironbark species, many of whose overall populations are in serious decline, such as Southern Whiteface, Diamond Firetail and Hooded Robin. The total bird list exceeds 160 species and it is possible to sight up to half of these during a  stay.




"We had an incredible weekend with Manfred and hid wife. The Box-Ironbark woodland, grassland and Cassinia habitats host a diverse bird assemblage. In a very relaxed manner, we observed the behavior of 60 bird species in one day. Manfred’s knowledge of the entire environment of the Ruff covenant is very impressive. We strongly recommend that those who enjoy wildlife observation in a serenely beautiful setting visit this place."

- Jan and Bob Stull.

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